Vortrag von Marco Passarotti: „Issues in Building and Exploiting Latin Language Resources“

Am 15.02.2013 hält Marco Passarotti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Mailand, Italien) einen Vortrag zum Thema „Issues in Building and Exploiting Latin Language Resources“.

Titel: Issues in Building and Exploiting Latin Language Resources.

Zeit/Ort: 15.02.2013, 10:00 Uhr c.t., DM 343, Universität Trier


The last years have seen a large growth of language resources for ancient languages. These new tools allow scholars from Humanities to empirically approach the study of such languages in more sophisticated ways, retrieving more detailed information from texts and testing theoretical analyses against large amounts of data. Although grammar frameworks and NLP techniques developed to process modern languages are well applicable to ancient languages too, building and exploiting language resources for ancient languages present a number of distinctive features to deal with, such as the absence of native speakers and several philological issues that affect the form itself of the texts. By focussing on language resources for Latin, the talk will present the state of the art in the field, considering different level of linguistic analysis (morphology, syntax, lexicon). A number of Latin resources will be detailed and some examples of their use for research in the Humanities will be shown.

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